Create a winning brand experience

How to create a winning brand experience

What if creating a positive brand experience was as easy as following a set of instructions or a food recipe?

Unfortunately, it isn’t quite that simple. There are many pieces to the puzzle that need to fit together, and many factors that need to be taken into consideration to ensure a successful and positive brand experience occurs between your consumer and your brand.

Whether we realize it or not, everyday we have positive and negative brand experiences with a number of different brands – from the time we start our day with a morning cup of coffee to the time we go to bed. Each interaction we have with a brand, whether it’s with a tangible object or while surfing online, allows us to engage with the brand and formulate a positive or negative perception of that brand.

Today, companies are challenged with creating consistent positive brand experiences through a number of channels – online, customer service, product or service quality, packaging, retail space, and so on. All of these various touch points add a positive or negative brand perception and can influence the brand’s “moment of truth.”

The term moments of truth, coined by Jan Carlzon, former president and CEO of Scandinavian Airlines, describes the interaction between a customer and company (brand), and the varying degrees of quality that are experienced (Lacroix, 2010). Carlzon has said that a positive moment of truth with a customer builds brand loyalty and repeat purchase, while a failed moment of truth creates dissatisfied customers who look elsewhere to get their needs met (Lacroix, 2010). A negative brand experience can cause your customer to head to the competition for a product or service. However, successful brand experiences can attract new consumers and create a strong relationship between your brand and your customer.

Case study: TD Comfort Zone

A great example of a successful brand experience is the TD Comfort Zone at the Rogers Centre. By partnering with the Toronto Blue Jays and its home stadium, financial services company TD has positioned itself as a relevant and approachable brand.

The TD Comfort Zone is a physical manifestation of TD’s mandate: comfort. Four plush leather sofa chairs in TD’s corporate green were installed in the 200 level of the stadium. During any Toronto Blue Jays home game, four lucky fans or community partners are upgraded to the TD Comfort Zone where they can watch the game in style, courtesy of TD. This sports partnership leaves a positive impression on current and potential customers – including those who might not have had a previous interaction with the brand.

Although the two brands offer different products and services, they both support similar brand positions of approachability and target the same middle class demographic. The partnership allows TD to grow brand awareness in a channel where it otherwise wouldn’t have had any presence.

Through the use of clear and concise branding, along with media exposure, TD has grown its brand awareness nationally and internationally. Furthermore, this moment of truth between the brand and the lucky fans who are literally sitting in comfort is an example of the brand’s promise in practice.

It is safe to say that the TD Comfort Zone at the Rogers Centre really hits it out of the park!

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