Words from the Women of Shikatani Lacroix

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we asked a few of the women of our office how they feel about their work and their roles on the Shikatani Lacroix team. Here’s what they had to say.

“The real joy of my job is that no two days are alike. Every day is truly different, with it’s own set of challenges and adventures. It helps that I work with a great team that I can trust to do great work and make the work week fun.”

Karen Tsoutsos – Account Director

Joined SLD in 2010

“What I love about design is the pursuit of balance between science and art – between rationality and emotion. Being a graphic designer means that I get to spend every day searching for that balance and helping clients see its value.”

Sarah Pender – Senior Designer

Joined SLD in 2016

“As a woman in the historically male-dominated field of production, I’ve sometimes been aware that I was one of the few women in the room. As a founding member of the SLD team, I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy a career in a supportive studio environment. Over the years, it has been a pleasure to work alongside creative and collaborative men and women who have happily made room at the table”

Paula Jacobs – Senior Production Artist

Joined SLD in 1991

“I was honoured to begin work here almost 3 years ago. I feel privileged everyday to greet our clients, and help them feel comfortable while telephoning our office. Our people are wonderful to work with – we try to make a difference in the world.”

Deb Perram – Administration and Accounting

Joined SLD in 2015

“It’s almost impossible to put into words just how influential the incredibly intelligent and driven women of SLD have been to my personal development as a designer. Getting to collaborate and work closely with not just my teammates, but with leaders like Kim and Diane, two of the powerhouses of this company, has been a huge inspiration for my professional career.”

Becky Caunce – Graphic Designer

Joined SLD in 2015

It is truly inspiring to work in an environment filled with such phenomenal, strong, and empowering women. I come into work every day eager to learn, work, and grow with every single one of them. Each woman at Shikatani Lacroix has helped shape me, whether big or small, to be the professional I am today.

Elisia Ciancio – Communications Coordinator

Joined SLD in 2016

“What I love about my job is that it is always changing, always evolving. I am continually faced with fresh opportunities and challenges. It is such a supportive environment, knowing your team members are just as committed as you are. This aspect really shines through as we work together to create innovative ideas. Being a part of bringing designs to life and then finally seeing them on the shelf is truly satisfying.”

Diane Mullane – VP of Client Services

Joined SLD in 2006

“Working in Accounting means I get a big picture view of the entire company. I get to work with every department, every client, and every member of the SLD team. It can be challenging, but definitely rewarding.”

Ling Li – Finance Manager

Joined SLD in 2013

“It’s impossible to overstate what it means for young women, at the start of their careers, to enter the workforce surrounded by inspiring and encouraging female role models. I’ve been lucky enough to join a team full of women modelling everything from choosing work appropriate attire to striving for work-life balance.”

Linda Marleny Dow – Junior Brand Strategist

Joined SLD in 2017