Loblaws Enters the Grocery Delivery Game

Delivery service for groceries will soon be available for Loblaws, Real Canadian Superstore, and T&T stores in Canada, beginning with the Greater Toronto Area market in December and in the Greater Vancouver Area in January. Partnering with Instacart, orders can be delivered in as quick as one hour, with additional fees for the expedited service. Time windows are selected to ensure that the customer is home when their order is delivered. This new initiative builds on Loblaws’ existing Click & Collect program. 

It is a move that will hopefully offer more convenience for Loblaws customers. In an interview with the Toronto Star, Loblaws’ CEO Galen Weston said that 2018 looks to be a difficult year, and announced the closure of 22 stores.

Walmart also recently stated that they will offer an expanded delivery service in Canada before the end of the year using Walmart trucks and Daily Delivery and JoeyCo partners. Walmart had previously begun testing the service in the spring, and will be slowly rolling it out to ensure that it fits with each market.

These service additions are likely due to growing e-commerce competition from other retailers and the looming threat of AmazonFresh, which has not yet made its way to Canada. Longo’s has been a leader in grocery home delivery since it purchased Grocery Gateway in 2004, and FreshCo, Sobey’s Urban Fresh, and Costco Wholesale also offer the service through InstaBuggy.

These shifts in grocery are part of a larger trend of online shopping that is reshaping many industries.