Does Your Brand Have Blink Factor?

Consumers make purchase decisions in a split second, whether online, in a store, or driving down a busy road looking for a place to eat or sleep. The following post identifies the five factors that ensure your brand connects with consumers in the blink of an eye. We call this the Blink Factor™.

Factor One: Clearly Articulated Brand Position

Its not just having one, its knowing how to leverage its meaning as part of your identity and brand experience.

Factor Two: Owning a Differentiated Colour

40% of all communication is visual, 80% is through the use of colour and shapes. Does your brand own a differentiated colour?

Factor Three: Owning a Unique Shape

Supporting a unique colour, does your brand owns a unique shape, either through the physical experience or via a distinctive identity?

Factor Four: A Strong Emotional Connection

When they spot your brand, does it stimulate an emotional connection through imagery, messaging or sensory textures and shapes?

Factor Five: A Focused Execution

Less is more when it comes to the Blink Factor™, and do you have the right hierarchy of communication and have you removed all packaging distractions?

Great brands are those that can connect emotionally through the Blink Factor™ and allow the brand to build consistent equities over time.